The CBT platform Simuscan 4 presents all the functional features of the trail is necessary for the screeners to obtain the initial certification and to fulfill the requirement of continuing education (6 hours every 6 months) provided for recertification every three years. Simulscan meets the requirements of Regulation (EU) 185/2010, Section 11 b) third paragraph.
With CBT Simulscan 4 you can create infinite-course events tailor-made, ie simulation sessions customized with the following main features:
  • ability to choose the level of difficulty of interpretation of the piece of baggage
  • choice of the presence of a particular threat in the luggage (only for type courses Training)
  • evaluation of performance with a first score (ability to identify prohibited articles) and a second score (total capacity to assess the contexts shown taking into account the skill in applying the correct procedures)
  • detailed reporting and advanced always accessible to the instructor that stores the performance of each session (partial) and aggregates the results of 6 cycles (total 3 years)
  • dynamic creation of the certificate in PDF format, complete with all data concerning the user experience (times, average votes) and ready for the signature of the instructor

With Simulscan 4 CBT you can have basically three types of courses:


The platform allows you to create an event-specific course for obtaining initial certification, usually delivered in the presence of the instructor in specially equipped classroom.
The instructor can:
  • freely choose how many contexts of images of luggage to prepare for the training
  • decide the level of difficulty of the contexts in the session (3 levels of difficulty)


The continuing education (6h/6m) of Simulscan, under the new legislation, has the following characteristics:
  • 10 sessions of 15 contexts of images per month (equivalent to 1 hour per month of training)
  • cycles of sessions of 6 months (6-course events), up to three years set by the 185/2010 of the European Commission for the certification of frequency sweeps


Simulscan is also an environment of free training only, suitable for all the screeners who can prove they need to refine their ability to recognize a particular threat in the luggage presented.
The instructor is able to:
  • freely choose how many contexts of images of luggage to prepare for the training
  • decide the level of difficulty of the contexts in the session (3 levels of difficulty)
  • also decide to select the contexts of luggage having a specific threat to them (8 families of threats), in order to put the screener in a position to improve their ability to interpret


In addition to Simulscan are available online courses delivered through its platform designed to be a very easy to use and very powerful in the management of interactive and multimedia courses and also of the classroom, allowing the institution to training or instructor to have a tool characterized by flexibility and storage capacity of the performance of users in line with other e-learning systems (LMS) on the market today.
The portfolio of courses is now populated by materials covering almost all sectors of the Aviation Security. With the product Simulscan 4, olstudio therefore offers a complete service training to airport security.
The professional sectors that olstudio is able to form are:

- Regulated Agents
- State Bodies
- Suppliers airport
- Suppliers of known airport and flight supplies
- Suppliers board / Catering / Cleaning board
- Full Handler
- Managers airport
- Handler general aviation
- Security bodies
- Known Senders
- Senders Managers
- Transporters
- Vectors Planes