Simulscan RX is an online simulator that has been designed and developed with the aim to recreate an environment of simulated reality in which the operator has to assess the RX images coming from the machine and make a decision in relation to baggage displayed.
The system then ensures l 'access 24 hours 24, 7 days 7, using the website and / or in the app dedicated connection and without the need for physical presence of the instructor, that the user can always check the progress from the management to his personal use.


The user interface of Simulscan is designed to present all the main functions of the rings of the most popular machines RX.
And 'possible to select the filters to apply for training sessions or examination you want to accomplish
The complete filters available are the following:

  • Picture White / Black: Reset, Black and White, Negative, Filter, Penetration.
  • Image Colors: Colors, Color Negative, Color Filter, Color Penetration and variety of Orange, Blue, Green and Black.

The procedures that you can choose from are:

  • Manual Check (photographic visualization of the contents of the bag)
  • ETD (sampling to confirm or not the presence of explosive material)
  • SEPARE (to be used if there are objects in the luggage electrical that do not allow a clear view of contents)
  • TURN 90 (allows you to see the context in the other perspective at 90 °).

If the decision is correct, the screener A positive score in the interpretation of the image (first evaluation). This result is added to the overall assessment which takes into account, in addition to the identification of prohibited items or less, although the procedures applied:

  • PASS (se l’operatore ritiene che il bagaglio non contiene articoli proibiti)
  • HOLD (se l’operatore rileva articoli proibiti che normalmente vengono respinti dall’operatore ma non generano un allarme; p.e. coltellini, forbici, utensili da lavoro, LAG, ecc)
  • ALARM (se l’operatore rileva articoli vietati che generano allarme; p.e. armi da fuoco, IED, esplosivi, armi bianche, ecc).

Se la decisione è corretta, lo screener ottiene un punteggio positivo nell’interpretazione dell’immagine (prima valutazione). A questo risultato viene aggiunta la valutazione complessiva che tiene conto, oltre all’individuazione o meno di articoli proibiti, anche delle procedure applicate.



Simulscan 4 offers a zoom up to 500% on high quality images, to ensure that the inspection and interpretation of the user making the training to be truly effective. Web browser (PC, Mac), you can magnify objects with the mouse wheel while on app widening two fingers (pinch & zoom).



The platform Simulscan 4 resides on servers owned. ; The infrastructure ensures a high level of data security, storage capacity of the log and materials practically infinite, continuous backup and a robust SQL database.
The program used is Microsoft's. NET and front-and back-end using javascript and jquery.



The app is developed for tablets on the same engine of the simulator via the web and provides the tactile experience approach with content and interactions.
The user can continue their training sessions or examination using a tool more than the website.


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